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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sadded sia everything all end within a blink of an eye...
I went into 3/8 hahas i dun noe if i shld be happy or nt
when i look at my result i just have no feelings werid sia
well just like that the whole class is split like a subway sandwhich
Cant believe that calvis manage to go to 3/9 sia
fuck man so good
but lucky 3/8 got more ppl i noe hahas clavis 
The class chalet was okok
at least got wii to play and can go out in the middle of the night and get lost
the BBQ was actually horrible
but i cant blame it cause at least the committie got tried their best to make it a sucess
Everything all ends today and next year 
will become a different life and a different
i will miss every1 from
 LONG LIVE 2/9 xp

Welcome to the Dark Side
4:26 AM


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Name: Lee Ming Jian Nixon
where im from: Asia
WAd sch: a government controlled school
Height: DOnt tell u leh!!
Wad i like: hmmm i like everything that i dont hate
Wad i hate: Dunno maybe the usual for most people like backstabbers etc...


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